House Republicans Consider Funding Plan to Avoid Shutdown

August 17, 2023

NBC News has reported that Speaker Kevin McCarthy told members of the House Republicans Conference that it may be necessary to pass a short-term government funding bill to prevent a shutdown in the coming fall. The move stems from the limited time available for Congress to reach a full-year funding agreement before the funds run out on September 30.  

Although no details were reported, McCarthy hinted at the need for an extension but did not specify a timeframe. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, has also expressed the need for a stopgap bill, noting that he had discussions with McCarthy regarding this approach. Both chambers are moving in different directions concerning appropriations, with the House aiming to reduce federal spending and attach conservative policy provisions, while the Senate seeks bipartisan spending levels and avoids controversial policy inclusions.  

Some Republican allies of McCarthy have been predicting the inevitability of a continuing resolution due to the tight timeline. A temporary extension into early next year has also been suggested. Amidst these discussions, concerns remain about meeting other key deadlines, including the renewal of the agriculture and social safety net bill. 

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