Our Mission

Associations Improve the Welfare of All Americans

Together, we create industry products, services and safety standards, provide disaster relief and offer expertise that creates better policy on every jobsite, across the internet and anywhere people are served and business is done.

Our members facilitate change and progress and contribute to domestic and international commerce. We improve lives through all the services that support communities including medical, transportation, education, technology and more – and we raise the bar for appreciating and supporting diversity, equity and inclusion across this landscape.

One-third of all Americans are part of the association community, whether as employees, members or volunteers. At the heart of the association community are people – researchers, innovators, mentors, communicators – whose expertise and hard work collectively create a stronger America.

In virtually every business sector and industry, associations mobilize millions to turn change into progress one step at a time – that’s the Power of Associations.

One-third of all Americans are part of the association community.